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Integrative & Clinical Neurosciences PhD program proudly presents PhD Day 2016 at CERIMED, Campus Sante Timone, Marseille, France on 18th November. Every year the PhD students organize PhD days, as an occassion to get in touch with hot neuro science topics; this year the main theme is ' How the Brain feels the body'. There will be scientific presentations from prominent speakers in the field, along with presentations and poster sessions of PhD students. 


On this day, we explore the concept of body perception with cellular, neuroimaging and neuropsychological approaches. We will learn about cellular mechanisms evolved in pain perception and cortical representation of limbs, as well as the multisensory and psychological bases of normal and pathologic body schema. To guide us in this, we have a quartet of outstanding speakers lined up - Aziz Moqrich (IBDM, Marseille), Karen Reilly (CRNL, Lyon), Manos Tsakiris (UoL, London) and Sebastian Dieguez (LCNS, Fribourg).







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